“Mongold is committed to delivering long term value to our shareholders, employees, local community, and public stakeholders.”


Mongold is committed to protecting the environment and managing its potential impacts.

Mongold recognises its impact on the environment and aims to minimise disturbance, and where possible, return the land to a stable and productive condition. We aim to minimise our operating footprint at all stages of our business from exploration through to production and at a later stage, to closure and rehabilitation.


Water Management

Water is one of our most precious resources not just in the mining process but it is a precious and finite resource which holds significant social, cultural, environmental, and economic value. In our business, water is essential for exploration drilling, mining and processing, dust control, drinking water and for use on site. At Mongold, we recognize water as a valuable asset. We use expert consultants to assist us with groundwater and surface water management procedures and to assess our success in practical terms.

Our aims are to:

  • Promote the guardianship of water across the business as everyone’s responsibility
  • Continue to manage water as a valued asset
  • To report any water wastage
  • To be innovative with solutions to save water – using opportunities to recycle on site.

Tailings Management

At our Naran Mandal Gold Operations site, Mongold’s tailings management plan aims to meet international standards for the safe management of tailings facilities. The tailings are transferred from the processing plant to a storage facility where the waste contains both minerals and chemicals so can be safely stored and managed. Our tailings are dry with only 12-16% moisture.

The facility is lined to prevent the leakage of tailings into the groundwater. Future site expansions will necessitate tailings facility upgrades. Our environmental management plan also contains the relevant risk assessments associated with tailings management.