At Mongold we are committed to an inclusive environment of mutual respect. To us, this means we want people from different backgrounds to share their experiences with their workmates because it makes us all better!

Mongold aims to create workforce that incorporates gender diversity as well. We have established clear internal targets to improve on the number of women in our organisation, at all levels. We also support parental leave regardless of gender in the countries in which we operate. Mongold values its employees, and we want them to know that through our supportive actions. We have established clear pathways for advancement to employees who wish to progress through the organisation. These continue to evolve as the company grows. We offer our tertiary graduates the opportunity to move through different parts of the company on their way to senior management roles. We also offer our entry-level employees the chance to upskill and to re-educate if they would like to pursue advancement opportunities.


Because our employees come from very diverse backgrounds, they are not always used to pursuing advancement opportunities on their own.  In order to address this, we have developed a career pathways policy that empowers our middle management to identify talented employees who show promise. We can then offer opportunities for further training and education to these employees and introduce them to career pathway they may wish to follow.”

Glenn Baldwin, CEO