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The Naran Mandal Gold Operations are located in Bayankhongor province, Mongolia.  The Tian Shan gold belt is a belt of gold mineralisation which extends for over 2500 km – from western Uzbekistan, through Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and southern Kazakhstan to western China. The southern region of Mongolia, including much of Bayankhongor, is considered to be part of the Tien Shan gold belt.


The Bayankhongor Ophiolite Belt is a north-westerly trending structure consisting of several parallel and sub-parallel zones. This metallogenic belt is well endowed with placer gold, granitoid related gold, epithermal gold and orogenic gold occurrences, including the Naran Mandal Gold Operations orogenic gold resource and the Ulaan-Ereg exploration license. The North Khentei Gold Belt is also a well-known gold province which hosts significant deposits including Gatsuurt and Boroo. The belt is located between the north east trending Bayangol and Yeroogol faults. Several of Mongold’s prospective licenses are located in this belt. The South Khentei Gold Belt is controlled by a major fault system which hosts significant epithermal, hydrothermal and porphyry systems with deposits including Ayu Tolgoi, Ulaan, Mukhar, Tsav and Gutain Davaa. Mongold’s Khooloi exploration license is located here.