Mongold is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, contractors and other stakeholders.
Our stakeholders include:

  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Visitors

We have a clear, concise induction program in place to communicate expectations, standards, processes and our commitment to a safe work environment. Our zero tolerance approach to workplace hazards empowers our employees to be advocates for safe working practices and to report hazards with a view to improving safety. Our aim is to report our safety performance in an annual report.
The Health and wellbeing of our employees is paramount to the success of our operations.  The skills of our workforce are what makes our strategy achievable. We conduct regular employee health checks and have strong COVID-19 protocols in place.

We have also introduced a mental health policy for our employees. Globally, there has been a concerning increase in mental health issues over recent times and the mining sector is seeing its own increase in diagnoses. We regularly communicate the need for our team members to speak up when they are struggling and have committed to supportive behaviors and assistance for those who need it. Our employees have access to trained counselling staff on site through our Human Resources department and can be referred to professional assistance should the need arise. We also use our employee briefing sessions to communicate the need to manage one’s own mental health.  We provide information about strategies to manage mental health and well-being and ensure we provide opportunities to de-stress and relax on our remote mine sites.