A proven concept positioned for strong growth

A proven concept

positioned for strong growth

Mongold’s unique approach fully integrates discovery, mine development, and long-term mine management into a single corporate mandate. This integration allows economies of scale to take effect - creating critical efficiencies, shared knowledge and resources, and a deep culture of safety and high standards - across its entire portfolio.

Mongold’s team of geologist and other professionals are actively exploring Central Asia for new gold discoveries. In Mongolia alone, Mongold has built a significant pipeline of gold mining and exploration licenses that position the company for sustained development and growth.
North Khentii Gold Belt
North Khentii Gold Belt
Tien Shan Gold Belt
Bayankhongor Ophiolite Belt
Baruun jalga
Khovd Province - 1318 ha Located in the Tien Shan belt. Wolfram and granitoid related gold occurrences surround the license
Gobi Altai Province - 2086 ha Well located within the Tien Shen belt.
Ulaan ereg
Bayankhongor Province - 9546 ha Abundant quartz veins with prospective alteration styles in a known orogenic gold terrain located near Project King. Grab samples resulting Au.
Khashaatiin khundii
Bayankhongor Province - 7178 ha Well located within the Bayankhongor Belt, and is surrounded by mineral occurrences, quartz vein density was found on the license with light indications of mineralizing processes
Uvurkhangai Province - 679 ha Located along trend from Project Kind within the Bayankhongor belt.
Selenge Province - 4937 ha Located within the Boroo-Gatsuurt district with frequent quartz veins with mineralized quartz veins located north of the license. Grab samples resulting Au and Ag.
Buregkhangai 1
Bulgan Province - 60 ha Sheeted quartz veins occur on the license on the margin of a major placer gold district.
Gashuun hudag
Dundgobi Province - 8266 ha Gold mineral occurrences around the license. The relatively large size of the license and cassiterite prospectivity. Tin mineralization potential is high.
Selenge Province - 385 ha Well located within the North Khentii belt. Prospective host rocks.
Khentii Province - 4092 ha Quartz sulphide stockwork associated with aplite dykes.
Khentii Province - 5591.32 ha Visible quartz-chalcedony epithermal veins +- sulphides. Positive Au grades.
Dornod Province - 2640 ha Mineral occurrences around the license. Located on Mesozoic sediments and has coal-uranium potential.
Govi Altai
With its world class team of geologists, engineers, and other experts, Mongold develops its projects responsibly and quickly. Mongold’s approach to its mine development is driven by data, industry-leading experience, and a commitment to sustained growth.
Geological Setting and Mineralization
Deposit Types
Mineral Resource Estimates
Resource Modeling
Preliminary Economic Assessment
  1. Mineral processing and metallurgical testing
  2. Mining methods
  3. Beneficiation options
  4. Mine planning
  5. Recovery methods
  6. Project infrastructure
  7. Environment studies, permitting, social impacts
  8. Capital and operation costs
  9. Economic analysis
  10. Conclusion and recommendations
Mongold’s highly experienced management team has put a corporate structure into place that distinguishes itself from other mining firms in Central Asia, one that delivers excellent mining results, efficient operations, and a deep commitment to core values such as safety, environmental stewardship, and ability to navigate complex policy and political issues.
Sustainable Mine Management
Mine Development
Naran Mandal
  • Vein 1 production
  • Vein 10 development
  • Other veins
Near-mine Acquisition Targets

Shortlisted from over 300 gold project review and screening

Exploration Tenements
  • Prioritized by global geological experts
  • Exploration plans are developed

Health, Safety, and Environment
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Regular health checks
  • Safety and PPE training
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Underground mine with minimal impact
  • Annual EMP and its implementation

Community engagement fund focused on health, education, infrastructure, elderly care, and tuition assistance

Policy and Engagement
  • Strong understanding of local and national policy environment
  • Active and strategic engagement with policy makers
  • Leading members of influential business associations